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Simple Building Systems Enters China Market Through Joint Venture
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SAN DIEGO, CA---Simple Building Systems Inc (SBS) has formed a joint venture with Hong Fei International in Beijing, China to market construction products and technology in China. "There's a large market for construction products in China. 80 million square feet of various building types are built each year in Beijing," says Mr. Hong Lu, President of Hong Fei International.

One of the products SBS is introducing to China is SteelCrete, a lightweight, load bearing floor, wall, and roof building system in which light gauge metal framing is embedded into thin (1.5"-2") concrete. SteelCrete buildings are earthquake, fire and termite resistant and can withstand hurricane force winds. SteelCrete will be marketed in China for building high rise buildings, multiple story apartments, warehouses and for buildings to support the 2008 Olympics.

SBS is looking for innovative construction products to market through its joint venture. For more details, visit their website at


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